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York Castle Museum is 80 and wants help putting a display together!

York Castle Museum is 80 years old on the 23rd April this year. As part of the celebrations, they are asking the public for help. This would be a great school project and the deadline for contributions is 11th March.

Helen Langwick, York Castle Museum interpretation and content manager, said: “This is a very special year for York Castle Museum and one of the ways we want to celebrate it is to ask the public what object we should acquire that represents York at this moment in time. It could something that reflects current trends in York or an object which is disappearing from modern day life. It doesn’t have to be made in York or the surrounding area – it could be a mass produced item – but it should have a very strong York story to tell. The chosen item will go on display and then into the permanent collections of the museum.”

For more information please go to: Castle Museum 80th Birthday

YHEP: Yorkshire Education Partnership 

Has been launched to promote history subject-specific ITT and CPD in the region. You can follow @YHEPnews and via Facebook group.

HA Quality Mark – funding available to take part

As part of its 150th anniversity celebrations, the Royal Historical Society is offering funding for 10 secondary school History departments to take up the HA’s Quality Mark process. The financial aspect has been a problem in the past, but this is now a great chance to get Quality Mark recognition. It would be brilliant to see some York History departments’ great work recognised as a result. More details are at 

Contribute to OBHD
The HA Secondary committee members have launched ‘One Big History Department’. It exists to share good practice rooted in the ‘history’ of how our ideas about teaching history have developed. You can find it here: OBHD
Pilot Chartered History Teacher
Thanks to Hugh Richards and Natalie Kesterton for joining in the HA pilot on this. The whole scheme will roll out in 2018 and we will post more details as we get them.

Oxford Secondary School Liaison Committee

Yorkclio is now part of this. The Committee meets once a year in the Easter holidays. We will send a representative each year who can take knowledge of the York context to the meeting and report back to keep us all updated on matters relating to applications for History to the University of Oxford. Ruth Lingard is attending for us this year.

The Univ of York PGCE History is back!

Great news for history teaching in York… the core PGCE History places have been restored to the University of York and have filled very quickly. This means that we can offer diverse, highly subject specific training via university-led and school-led routes. Both, of course, are highly successful because of the strength of school AND university partnership we have. (The AND is the key word here!) Please do consider offering a history placement for a trainee if you are not already doing so.

York ISSP Centenary Battlefields Presentation at the National Railway Museum

It was lovely to be back together as York history students and teachers to receive the National Award for our Legacy 110 project. The National Railway Museum hosted the evening. Students who developed both the Minster event and the ‘1916: It’s More than the Somme’ exhibition, were presented with books, certificates and badges. We all then took part in the NRM’s ‘Mud and Morphine’ experience to learn more about WW1 ambulance trains.


GCSE choices

A reminder of what schools have chosen and collaboration possibilities:

AQA: Fulford, The Mount, Manor, Millthorpe, All Saints

  • Power and the People: Fulford, The Mount, Manor
  • Medicine: Millthorpe, All Saints
  • Germany: Millthorpe, All Saints
  • USA: Fulford, Manor
  • Normans: Fulford, Millthorpe
  • Elizabeth: All Saints, The Mount
  • Korea/Vietnam: Millthorpe, All Saints

OCR B: Huntington and Ryedale

  • sharing on all except for Norman/Elizabeth difference

Ed Excel: AHS, Jo Ro – overlap with Germany, Cold War and crime and punishment, York High

Eduqas: Barlby

iGCSE: Bootham

Ryedale have Crime and Punishment resources they can pass on – possibly books?  Huntington teach Elizabeth at A level so have a lot of expertise and resources to tap into too.  Manor are just finishing teaching iGCSE and can pass on their resources / expertise.

HA Quality Mark

Working through the Historical Association Quality Mark criteria might be a great way to move forward as a department. Further information is here: Quality Mark.