Teaching the Domesday Survey

Ruth Lingard and Helen Snelson from Yorkclio have been working with Professor Stephen Baxter from the University of Oxford to develop resources for teaching about the Domesday Survey. The attached resources are adaptable for Key Stage 3 or GCSE and the whole lot can be done in one lesson. The story of Domesday is so exciting and some of this can be missed by students. These trialled and peer-reviewed activities should solve that problem!

Resources for learning about the Domesday Survey and the challenge facing the scribes: How revealing of Norman skill is the Domesday Survey  The first part of the story of the Domesday Survey   Eight wapentakes  Ten landholders

Resources for learning about what Domesday Book reveals about the Conquest: What can Domesday reveal re Conquest  PPT people and places on map  What can Domesday reveal places   Sheets on which to collate findings

If you want to catch up on the latest research about the Domesday Survey – here are some notes: Domesday Book



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