What can the Domesday Book reveal about the Norman Conquest?

Here are a set of resources and an activity plan about the Domesday Book.  The resources are information from Domesday about 15 places and 3 people.  The activity plan suggests how these can be used with a GCSE class.  It can be adapted for Year 7.  There is also a set of notes for teachers about the Domesday survey in case you are teaching it but did not study it during your degree.  With thanks to Pathfinder ITT mentors for their ideas and to Professor Stephen Baxter for his expertise.  Here are:

The places and people: what-can-domesday-reveal-places

The activity plan and resources: what-can-domesday-reveal-re-conquest    ppt-people-and-places-on-map

The notes for teachers: domesday-book

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