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Quality resources about schools and WW1

A couple of really interesting resources that have come to our attention. Firstly, a sourcebook about World War One that concentrates on the global dimension. Great for sources to show diversity and that it was, well, a WORLD War, with global impact. Secondly, an interesting website of resources about secondary schooling since 1945. A great … Continue reading Quality resources about schools and WW1

Borthwick Institute School Resource Packs

These are nice! The University oof York’s Borthwick Institute has produced these schools packs using material in their extensive archives. There are materials that can be passed on to English and Art colleagues too. Of most interest to History teachers will be the pack on the Transatlantic Slave Trade, its links to Harewood House and … Continue reading Borthwick Institute School Resource Packs

Resources for Schools from Oxford University

“How do we create a curriculum in schools and universities that best reflects the histories of our current students and future citizens? As Britain has become a more diverse society, and as a result become increasingly aware of its diverse past, the need to ensure that is reflected in what we teach and research is … Continue reading Resources for Schools from Oxford University

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